Besuch aus Frankreich


Hello ! 

My name is Emilie Struillou and I’m French. I’m an English teacher in a small secondary school in France (near Le Mans). Thanks to an Erasmus program, I did a job shadowing for a week at NMS Ratten. I had the opportunity to attend different lessons. 

You have to know that there are differences between France and Austria. First, you start very early ! In France, we start between 8 and 9 a.m. and in my school, we start at 8.45 a.m., we have lunch between 12.30 and 1.55 pm and then we have school in the afternoon too until 5pm. But we don’t have school on Wednesday afternoons ! 

You have subjects we don’t have in France like cooking, needlework, woodwork. I found them very interesting and useful. I wish I could use a sewing machine !!! Lucky you, in France, we have homework in all the different subjects, and you only  have homework to do in English, Maths and German.

 What else ?... You have small classes. Usually, I could see that you were between 10 and 16 students in a class. In France, there are between 20 and 30 students in each class. And you often have 2 teachers. In France, it’s not very common to have 2 teachers for a class, especially in the small schools. 

I was very happy to spend this week at NMS Ratten. I would  like to thank Mrs Posch who made this project possible, but also all the teachers at NMS Ratten who welcomed me in their lessons, and took some time to talk to me to explain what they were doing !  Thank you to the headmaster, Mr Steinbrenner, who accepted me and gave me some time too ! Finally, thank you to the students who were very nice with me, some invited me for lunch in their cooking lessons ! Quentin gave me a cake for his birthday and the 2b learnt the colours in French very well !  

Best wishes from France !