Englischtexte aus dem Fernunterricht


The following creative texts were created during distance learning



The Virus nobody liked

Once upon a time on the earth a little virus called “Corona”was born and that was me. I was a very happy virus and I often played outside, but nobody wanted to be my friend. Everyone ran away from me or they laughed about me. I was very sad and then I thought: “ When nobody likes me, I will kill them all, I will spread all over the world.”I became more and more evil and on  30. November 2019 I infected the first person in China.  After a week more than 6 million people were infected and I became more dangerous. After 5 months the half of the world had Corona and would it have continued like this, the whole world would be dead. But one day I met another Virus called SARS and it was really pretty, its cell nucleus shone wonderfully like a star. SARS and I fell in love and the lovely Virus could convince me to spare the people. So the earth survived and SARS and I live happily in the exile. And if we have not died then we are still alive today.

 (written by Nicolas, 4b)




Dear readers,

     my name is Coronavirus. First, nobody knew me, but now, I am world famous. But I have to say, that I don't want to be famous anymore. I hate that everybody hates me. I am very sad about that.

First, I want to tell you about my journey. You know, that I am a virus, so I jumped from person to person. My symptoms are from person to person different, so many people don't even know that they have me. So they travelled from one place to the other and so I got all over the world.

May you wonder now why I came now, in 2020, and not years before. My reason is the environment and the envy, greed and the hate of the people. I hoped that all the countries acted like Austria, so that every shop got closed down and that you have to stay at home. I wanted to help the environment to recover and I want that the people start thinking that they do not always need the newest car or the biggest wardrobe. People have to care for each other, spread love and have to understand that health is more important than anything else.

          But don´t worry, I won´t stay forever. I will go away soon, when I have the feeling that something in this world has changed. And I stay positive, because I really think that I have changed something.

I feel very sorry for the people who died because of me, and I really cried a lot because of them. But they will find a great place in heaven. They should have the best place up there.

So to all my readers, stay also positive - the “normal” life will be back soon, don´t worry, I won´t stay that long anymore.

Yours, the Coronavirus

(written by Lea, 4a)





Dear immune system!

I am terribly sorry for all the trouble I have caused in the past months, but I am also kinda flabbergasted and surprised in how things turned out. When everything started I was just chilling with my old good friends the Spanish Flu and the Great Plague (even though they are older than me we get along well, if it wasn’t for the spanish flu who is in puberty) So I was just playing when something suddenly took me away my friends just said that I should not worry it is just a part of “growing up” so I was trying to stay calm. Then suddenly I was inside a human body I was really shocked and tried to escape and while I was trying to get out, the human started coughing and ripped a tiny part of my body of me. Long story short:  this piece started to split every time a human caught it and started coughing. It really wasn’t my intention to make such a mess, but nobody warned me so yeah it kinda escalade. I am really truly terribly sorry!!!

Sincerely,  yours COVID-19

(written by Amelie, 4b)



Bad Karma

A not so long time ago, I lived still with my old roommate who by the way was a bat. He wasn’t neither the worst nor the best roommate you could think of. I guess you could say he was an introverted person. He slept all day and he hated it when I was noisy in the morning. What happens quite often. He was a little bit annoying sometimes but all in all I kinda enjoyed living with him, but one day he just left without coming home, I was worried sick. After what felt like days, to be honest I think he was only missing four hours, I decided to look for him. I just did it because he had to pay the rent for the month, if he had already paid it I would have waited until next month. But since that had not happened I went looking for him. So my journey began. I started looking for him in Wuhan because it was the nearest city. As I walked through the city I met many different people. Many old people were very friendly. I noticed something strange, everyone I met started coughing and sneezing as soon as I left. I thought they had some kind of allergic reaction so I just went on, on my journey to look for my missing roommate.  After a while I had looked through whole Asia, and the coughing and sneezing got worse, so I decided to look in the whole world for this not rent paying bat. Europe was nice but I liked north America a lot better, especially the USA. There I noticed that the people were also coughing quite a lot what scared me a little bit because what if I caught a cold or the flu and had to stop looking for my roommate? No that wasn’t an option, I had to find him no matter what. I just needed the money for the rent or else I would have to live under a bridge like a small toll or some shit. No that was no option. My journey went on and on until I started thinking, what if all people were sick because of me? What if I am a new kind of virus to the people? Will they die because of me? I felt so bad at this moment. I even thought of stopping to look for the bat. I decided to read a newspaper, bad idea. Every headline was about some new and very dangerous kind of virus called coronavirus or covid-19. And then there stood that the virus came from Wuhan and by that point I basically knew I was a new virus who killed people and that wasn’t all the virus was especially dangerous for old people. The old people I met, who were so friendly, and me the idiot who was too dumb to realise he was dangerous accidentally killed so many of them. I felt so bad. I had no idea I was dangerous, no one ever told me. And I still hadn’t found my roommate. I had done so many bad things to all the people in the whole world, because of me so many people had to be quarantined and schools closed and so much worse things had happened. I felt so sorry, until I took a closer look. The newspaper article said the virus started because somebody ate a bat. Then everything made sense, I might be dangerous to the human species but I am not dangerous for bats, so my roommate might have had the virus even when he had no symptoms so he could have given the virus to the person who ate him.

(written by Eva-Maria, 4b)


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